By Tâm Lạc Jessica A.Tran


I remember the early hours of life,

When you first kissed my mind

I remember the glory of sunrise,

As you bathed me in luminosity


I heard a sweet song of awakening

As you whispered gently into my ear

Speaking tenderly the words the tortured hungers

“Welcome home, you are no longer lost”…


As majestic as the chime of heaven’s sweet melody

Swaying to the rhythm of my newfound heartbeat

I am overwhelmed with joy and ecstasy

As a trickling tear slides down my smile


I have finally found you, my one and only

I have been seeking you all my life

I have been traveling down a long lost road,

For lifetimes as many as grains of sand


I remember long nights in which I waited up,

Longing for you restlessly before I sleep

Like an artist you paint my life again

Like a musician, you compose the days’ new tune


I sit here showered in your warmth,

My legs are a lotus, held up by Samadhi’s stem

From the realm of defiled pond water,

My head descends into the vastness of peace

No longer waiting, no longer guarding


Dancing freely in fragrant swaying fields

Breathing in the fresh air of liberation

Swimming casually in crystal waters

Soaked to the marrow amid cool purity


In these early hours of life I dwell

Happy for all the beings in my Nirvana

Like the footprints of a flying bird in the sky

I finally see the diamond cutter...



Written by Jessica Tran

24 January 2005




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