My deepest gratitude is reserved for my beloved parents, who had given me the heart and material body to take my pilgrimage in this existence!



Nguyen Thi Xuan Vinh


Of all the people in the world, I like my dear mother the most. Not all the wealth in the world can make me hate my mother.

Everyone knows that a mother's love is the greatest love in the world. When I see how my mother behaves towards my father, brothers, sisters and me, I am filled with pride. In everything that she does, there is a touch of love. Even when she washes the dishes, she makes sure that they are clean so that no one in her family will become ill.

Though she sometimes scolds me, I know that she does so not because she is bad but because she is tired, working all day for the happiness of her family. So I keep quiet while she expresses her anger, so that she may feel a little relieved after that.

That she loves her family is proven every day. When I was a baby I was very hungry at midnight and cried for milk. She woke at one to attend to me, even when she was tired or ill. In the same way she wakes up before all the others and go to bed last so that everyone in the family can receive her care. If any one is ill in the family, she is the one who is the most worried.

Such care and love no one in the world can give to me. For these reasons my mother will always remain the dearest person to me.





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